Fort Bend Lawyers CARE (FBLC) is proud to announce that our dedicated volunteer lawyers and staff have assisted 4,285 Fort Bend County, low-income individuals. FBLC's volunteer lawyers donated approximately 17,140 hours, equaling approximately $4,320,000 donated through pro bono legal services rendered, since January 1, 2008.


Fort Bend Lawyers CARE (FBLC) Earns Grant To Support Local Veterans
Tuesday, October 6, 2015   8:14 a.m.
By Marquite Griffin -- Fort Bend Herald

Fort Bend Lawyers Care has been working hard to support local low-income veterans and a recent grant will enable it to continue its efforts.

On Friday, one of the leading funding sources for legal aid in Texas -- the Texas Access to Justice Foundation -- announced it awarded Fort Bend Lawyers Care a $80,000 grant specifically to support local veterans.